Podcast #2 - Wellness and Covid-19.

Stronger Together

Due to social distancing we recorded ourselves using some tech that wasn’t ideal. While it sounds a little like Jonah was talking through a can, we still managed to have a great conversation about some important issues impacting our residents, staff, and likely many of our listeners during this pandemic.

Nova Scotia has recently suffered a horrible shooting tragedy, and as a community we have all felt the loss. As a community based organization that operates in Halifax, Nova Scotia’s capital, we are thinking about all of our friends, family and community partners as we collectively grieve.  We are stronger together.

As we continue to adjust to the new rules and guidance from public health during the Covid-19 Pandemic we take some time to discuss the strategies our residents and staff are taking while navigating the situation. How these new parameters have impacted operations and supports in our Small Options Homes, what it means for continuity of care, and how safety is on all of our minds are all touched on here.  
These are challenging times for us all. Be well, stay safe, and wash your hands a lot! 

We hope you find this information helpful, and if you would like to discuss it further, have general questions, or want to reach us to increase the support in your or a loved one's life, please contact us through the links on our website.